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Try Before You Buy

We understand that technology moves at an amazing rate so we want to give you the confidence to make an informed choice when it comes to new equipment.  There’s nothing better than trying out the latest camera or lens on an actual job so you can see how it performs.

We offer Try Before You Buy on the latest cameras, lighting and other equipment available from our rental stocks and free no commitment test drives on selected items.

How It Works

The Try Before You Buy scheme is available for all products we offer through our rental department from the latest camera body to the longest lenses.  You can rent anything for up to two days, paying the standard deposit and rental value, and if you decide to buy within 14 days of returning the rental, we will take the value of up to two days rental off the price of your new kit.

Test Drives

Want to get your hands on the new Canon EOS 5D Mark IV? Register your interest to test drive the camera here.

Rent any Fujifilm camera or lens, selected Profoto items including the new D2 1000 heads and Bowens items, Canon EOS 5D MK IV, Nikon D5 or D500 for two days without paying any rental charges*.  To book your free test drive click here and put your name, address, phone number and the item you’d like to try in the body of the message. Limited to one test drive per item.

How To Order

Our full range of products can be seen on the rental pages or you can download the latest Rental Guide here.  

The quickest way to request your Try Before You Buy is to email your name, address, phone number and the goods you’re looking to try - and we’ll contact you directly to arrange it.

*Security deposit only is required and is fully refundable on return of the kit providing it’s in the same condition it was loaned in.