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Sekonic C-700 Spectromaster
  • Sekonic C-700 Spectromaster

Sekonic C-700 Spectromaster

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The Sekonic SpectroMaster C-700 is designed for motion and still image captures who must produce quality results with proper subject colour while working with multiple types and brands of light sources. A full-spectrum colour meter, the C-700 can precisely measure LED, HMI, Fluorescent sources, new-style plasma lamps as well as tungsten lamps, natural light and electronic flash. Its high-resolution measuring system, featuring CMOS sensor, capture and displays spikes in light source output to provide unsurpassed colour measurement accuracy.

Key Features
  • Power source: 2 x AA
  • Spectral wavelength range: 380nm to 780nm
  • Measuring range: Ambient light (1 to 200,000lx=0.09 to 18,600fc);Flash Light (20 to 20,500lx)