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Profoto ProTwin Head
  • Profoto ProTwin Head

Profoto ProTwin Head

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For even tougher demands, there is the Profoto ProTwin head, that, using two flash tubes, effectively doubles the performance of the ProHead. When used with a single generator, it produces shorter flash duration. Used with two generators, it achieves faster recycling and/or higher power, up to 9600 Ws.

Key Features

Improved Design

  • The fan is regulated to ensure minimized sound level in all situations
  • Due to a redesigned glass cover design and improved mounting plate used under the flash tube/model lamp, the light is more color stable, the light distribution more even and the light output is increased.
  • Improved electronics guarantee optimal function of the fan worldwide

Easy to Control             

  • A built-in tilt-control lever makes for easy angle adjustment                 

Easily Replaceable Flashtubes             

  • Features two heavy duty plug-in quartz flashtubes   

Zoomable, Removable Reflector for light control flexibility

  • Patible with all of Profoto's light shaping tools

Modeling Light 

  • Comes with a bright  500W quartz halogen model light.
  • The modeling lights works worldwide without the need of voltage adjustment

Long-Reaching Cable             

  • 4m cable-- resists twisting, trampling and cracking.