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Assistant Finder Terms of Use

Information for registering assistants:

  1. Calumet does not supply assistants - this site is a tool for you to market yourself.
  2. Appearing on this site does not guarantee work it is merely a portal to promote yourself.
  3. All profile registrations and reviews are vetted before allowing them to appear on the site.
  4. All communication and bookings will be made directly with the person contacting you.
  5. Calumet cannot be held responsible for any problems that arise with regard to bookings and payments.
  6. Personal details such as phone number, email address and CV will be viewable in the public domain.  We cannot be held responsible for any misuse of your details and therefore suggest that you consider carefully what is added.  We recommend adding names of photographers and agents you have worked for or shoots you have been involved on.
  7. Uploading of pornographic images is not allowed. We forbid any illegal or offensive images or information on the assistant finder.
  8. Calumet reserves the right to exclude assistants should we feel it is against our interest. We also reserve the right to take down the assistant finder site at any point.
  9. Editing or removing your information can be carried out by emailing

Information on viewing the assistant profiles:

  1. The aim of the assistant finder is to enable assistants to promote their services with a view to getting work in their chosen areas of expertise.
  2. Calumet does not and will not supply assistants. All communication, bookings and payments must be made directly with the assistant.
  3. Calumet will not be held responsible for the actions of, or any problems caused by the assistant.